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Creating beautiful landscapes in NEPA!

Professional landscaping enhances the curb appeal of your home and increases the value. An attractive place to visitors and aesthetically pleasing for you to relax and enjoy the outdoors.

Every property calls for its own unique design and maintenance, from cutting and fertilizing your lawn to a lush green carpet or enhancing a focal point with flowers and trees to showcase your homes beauty. Clean edges with your choice of mulch colors will frame your property’s portrait and define its every detail. Mulching suppresses weeds, retains moisture in the soil and insulates your plantings.

Hardscaping successfully combined with your landscape will offer extended living space for entertaining family and friends. The addition of patio with walkways and planters will enhance any area. Retaining walls add beauty to any scape, whether it be terraced or boarders. Consider the many collections of colors, textures and aggregates to shape a distinctive design of character and beauty.

Mother nature has provided for privacy and noise too. Planting a stand of trees or hedge with color and dense foliage ensure both. Planned landscaping design is key to reducing noise in neighborhoods or along busy streets. We have the solution.

Distinctive landscaping at its finest.

Contact us today for information on lawn maintenance plans, fertilization programs and mulching.